Business Ethics & Paractices


Wazir Ali Industries Limited is committed to the highest standards of quality in the entire sphere of its business activity. Wazir Ali Industries shall abide by all the laws prevalent in the country. Wazir Ali Industries Limited will also carry out its business activities in the utmost ethical and behavioural standards that go beyond the legal realms.


Wazir Ali Industries Limited shall provide job opportunities to the most deserving candidates depending on their professional achievements and capabilities in their chosen fields. The Company is also committed to provide safe, healthy and congenial environment to its employees that would nurture and encourage growth to the company. All employees will be treated equally without any prejudice or discrimination irrespective of their cast and creed. It shall be the endeavour of the company to provide refresher courses and training to its employees on regular basis to further their education and achieve professional excellence in their chosen fields. This would inculcate a sincere sense of belonging to the company in the employees. It is expected that the employees would reciprocate in the same manner and hold the interests of the company supreme by devoting their time to work in the best interest of the company by deterring their personal interests that may be in conflict with the interests of the company.

Public Relations:

Wazir Ali Industries Limited is an independent organization free from any infiltrations and vested interests. It is a member of different trade bodies, associations and organizations through which it participates at different forums and also submits proposals on invitation for the enactment of legislations.

Quality Assurance, Safety and Environmental Issues:

Wazir Ali Industries Limited is committed to provide quality products to its customers that consistently offer value in terms of competitive prices and quality, and are safe for their intended use. Wazir Ali Industries Limited is committed to provide a friendly environment and aims to ensure that its products and processes do not have any adverse environmental impact that may be against the normal business ethics.


Wazir Ali Industries Limited welcomes healthy competition in accordance with the business norms and condemns any malpractices that are detrimental to the business community as a whole.

Reliability and Reporting:

The dealings of Wazir Ali Industries Limited are fair and just with the entire business community and the Government agencies. All contracts and transactions are fully documented and are available for review of the concerned. Wazir Ali Industries Limited complies with the International Accounting Standard whereby its financial statements present a true and fair view of the underlying transactions.

Code of Conduct:

Wazir Ali Industries Limited strictly adheres to the professional and business ethics and condemns any unfair dealings with the business community and the Government agencies.
Application and Implementation:
The newly introduced Code of Corporate Governance is being adapted in its true spirit by Wazir Ali Industries Limited and its business partners locally and abroad. It shall be the endeavour of Wazir Ali Industries Limited to impress upon its business partners the compliance of the Code of Corporate Governance in their dealings with the company. An internal audit department has been set up in the company to independently ensure strict compliance of the Code of Corporate Governance. The Directors, General Managers, Managers and other Heads of the Departments of the company would ensure that this Code of Business Ethics and Practices is fully understood by all concerned for its implementation in the true spirit.